Hoʻōla Kākou Internship

Internship Mission


The mission of Kaʻala Farm's Hoʻōla Kākou youth internship program is to restore the lives of Waiʻanae youth and families through cultural education. Through providing opportunities for youth and families to learn and work together around Hawaiian traditions, we believe that we can effectively hoʻōla (heal, revive, and restore) our ʻāina, our families, and our community.

Kaʻala Farm Programs

Program Structure:

The Hoʻōla Kākou program runs one day a week for four weeks. Each week focuses on a different ʻoihana Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian trade). The focuses include, but are not limited to: mahiʻai kalo (kalo cultivation), mālama wai (water preservation), hana kapa (barkcloth making), ʻūlana lauhala (lauhala plaiting), and hoʻomākaukau meaʻai (food preparation).

ʻOhana are Welcome!

The Hoʻōla Kākou program provides opportunities for families to learn, practice, and perpetuate cultural traditions together.  Traditional Hawaiian practices may include (lei making, lauhala weaving, taro farming, lāʻau lapaʻau, etc…) and will allow ʻohana members to learn traditional skills together as a unit. Our hope is that this will lead to the strengthening of familial bonds around Hawaiian traditions.

Program Days/Times:

          Tuesdays (3pm - 6pm)

          Wednesdays (3pm - 6pm)

Requirments & Benefits


Intern must:

–be a student (6th grade - college)
–be a team player
–be willing to actively participate in all program activities
–bring an open mind


Intern will: 

          –expand cultural knowledge
          –develop leadership skills

          –develop academic & career skills
          –network with other youth from the Waiʻanae moku
          –earn a stipend
(applies only to interns ages 16-22 who complete ALL requirements)


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    Tuesdays 3pm-6pmWednesdays 3pm-6pm

    Questions or Concerns?


    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Hoʻōla Kākou internship program, please, feel free to contact us through this online form.

    You can also call our internship coordinator at (808) 354-3911.


      We Need Your Help!

      We're looking to expand the learning spaces at Kaʻala Farm. We've added our project blueprint below.

      Any contribution that you can make to this effort will go a long way. Monetary donations provided by you and other individuals and organizations will pay for materials, equipment, transportation, technical assistance, and nourishment for the many volunteers involved in building a safe and spiritual place for generations to come.

      Mahalo to all who have supported us and Aloha ʻĀina