Kaʻala Aloha ʻĀina Leadership Academy

Internship Mission

The mission of the internship is to reintroduce the Waiʻanae moku to the youth of Waiʻanae, allowing them view it through the lens of Waiʻanae’s moʻolelo kuʻuna (traditional histories, stories, and tales). We believe that in doing this, the youth of Waiʻanae and their ʻohana will be imbued with a sense of cultural pride and will be encouraged to ensure the future care and protection of their beloved moku.

Throughout the course of the internship program, interns will develop within them a cultural foundation that will allow them to understand the world as it was perceived by ka poʻe kahiko (the people of old). Students will then learn how to apply traditional knowledge and strategies to modern day contexts and issues.

2 Year Commitment

First Year

Using Kaʻala Farm as the classroom, students and their ʻohana participate in hands-on activities related to various ʻoihana kahiko (traditional Hawaiian trades) and learn the Hawaiian worldview and strategies that allowed them to develop an intimate connection with their environment while leading holistically healthy lives. The curriculum weaves together three main components:

–ʻIke Kuʻuna (Traditional Hawaiian Knowledge)
–ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi
(Hawaiian Language, Thought & Expression)
–Aloha ʻĀina
(Connection to Place)

Second Year

In the second year, students are tasked with taking on a leadership role in the community. Students will select a specific issue in the community that they wish to address, and will develop a solution in the form of a project. Their project will be informed by the cultural foundation that was established in the first year.

ʻOhana Workshops

 The ʻOhana Workshops provide opportunities for families to learn, practice, and perpetuate cultural traditions together. Each workshop will feature a traditional Hawaiian practice (lei making, lauhala weaving, taro farming, lāʻau lapaʻau, etc…) and will allow ʻohana members to learn traditional skills together as a unit. Our hope is that this will lead to the strengthening of familial bonds around Hawaiian traditions.

Requirements & Benefits


Intern must: 

–commit to all program sessions
–be a team player
–be a diligent worker
–be willing to actively participate in all program activities
–bring an open mind
–have at least one family member committed to participating in ʻOhana Workshops


Intern will: 

–earn a stipend
–expand cultural knowledge
–develop leadership skills

–develop academic & career skills
–network with native youth from around the country
–travel to other areas of significance
–reconnect to their cultural roots

ʻŌpio in Action


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    Questions or Concerns?


    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Hoʻōla Kākou internship program, please, feel free to contact us through this online form.

    You can also call our internship coordinator at (808) 354-3911.


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