Frequently Asked Questions about the Cultural Learning Center at Ka‘ala


When is the Cultural Learning Center at Ka‘ala open?

The Cultural Learning Center at Ka‘ala’s is available for reserved visits between the hours of 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday. All school visits are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Can I come to the Cultural Learning Center anytime?

The Cultural Learning Center is not open to the public.  If you are an educational, cultural, environmental, or community-based group, we would be happy to arrange a visit through email at .  We recommend contacting at  least one month in advance.  We are open to community families every 3rd Saturday, please r.s.v.p at .

Does the Cultural Learning Center provide tours?

We do not host tours of the Cultural Learning Center, but instead invite groups for an interactive, hands-on learning and cultural immersion experience. Your visit will consist of more than a walking tour; expect to walk through moderately rough terrain, prepare for physical activity, and wear appropriate clothing for light work.

Is a visit to the Cultural Learning Center free?

Ka ‘ala Farm charges a nominal fee to cover a portion of the costs associated with your visit.  We are a nonprofit 510(c)(3) organization operated through grants from government agencies and foundations, donations from generous individuals, and a small percentage of earned income contributed by your visits. We would love to provide our cultural immersion program for free to all, but visit fees ensure we remain open for the future.

What does my fee cover? 

Your fee covers a portion of visit expenses.  Operating the Cultural Learning Center requires staff to carry out school programs and your visits.  We purchase supplies and equipment, maintain the property, run an office, and constantly work to ensure the Cultural Learning Center remains open, safe, and accessible for educational and community purposes.

Additional donations to our nonprofit programs are welcome.  Contributions from our many visitors ensure that the Cultural Learning Center at Ka‘ala remains a place where our children’s children may connect with their cultural heritage and learn to care for our land.

Can I complete my community service at the Cultural Learning Center at Ka‘ala?

We are honored to have students participate in service learning or scholarship community service requirements with Ka‘ala Farm.  Unfortunately we cannot accommodate requests other than to have volunteers join our regularly scheduled quarterly work days.  You may email us at  to receive invitations to these free, open to the public workdays.  We hope that we will be able to expand volunteer opportunities in the future.

Are there other ways to participate in Cultural Learning Center at Ka‘ala activities?

From time to time we have special workshops or events, and we always do our best to open these activities to all in our community.  Please check our website for the latest on our calendar of events.

Can I take pictures and video at the Cultural Learning Center at Ka‘ala?

We are happy to allow pictures for personal use, but we ask that you honor our request not to use Ka‘ala Farm, Inc or Cultural Learning Center at Ka‘ala images and information for public or commercial reproduction.

Can I use the Cultural Learning Center as the site for film or video production?

We do allow occasional filming for educational purposes or those that expressly fit the mission of Ka‘ala Farm.  Please inquiry through email at .

Can I observe a visit at the Cultural Learning Center?

If you are setting up a visit for the first time, it is highly encouraged that one or two group leaders come to observe a regular visit.

Does the Cultural Learning Center host overnight stays?

The Cultural Learning Center at Ka‘ala does not host overnight visitors.  In the future, we hope to have the capacity to host volunteer and educational groups for more than a day.

Can I bring my family to the Cultural Learning Center?

If you are with a group scheduled visit, we allow children over the age of 5 to accompany a parent or guardian.  Our facilities are not set up for infants and toddlers, However, Families are welcomed to attend Lā ‘Ohana every 3rd Saturday.  We also encourage organizations working with families to set up visits to the Cultural Learning Center.