Hoʻokahua Program

          Through Kaʻala Farm’s Hoʻokahua Program, audiences will learn about the history of  Kaʻala Farm and its large contributions to Hawaiian cultural movement. The program also serves as an introduction to the value of the traditional Hawaiian land tenure system, and the worldview of Aloha ʻĀina from which it developed.

          The day will begin at the stream adjacent to the parking area. There, a Kaʻala Staff person will meet you. You will take a short walk up the hill to the Hale Hoʻonaʻauao (House of Learning). This is where protocol will be conducted. After the protocol, you will enter the hale. Inside, the KFI staff will introduce themselves, go over logistics, and give a short presentation about the ahupuaʻa. Afterward, depending on group size, your group may be split into two smaller groups, each led by a KFI staff person.

          Each group will experience a brief tour of the Cultural Learning Center, stopping at one of the many ancient loʻi. They will hear the moʻolelo (story) of Hāloa and the relationship of kalo to the Hawaiian people. The group will experience the feel of a loʻi by cleaning, planting, or preparing it.

          In addition, they will also learn about kapa-making and its importance to the people of old. They will see the different types of kapa from Polynesia, feel traditional tools used in the process of making papa, and learn about the different plants used for dyeing and printing papa. Groups will return to the hale for a kuʻi kalo demonstration and get ready to taste paʻi ʻai.


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