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NHIS ʻAʻaliʻi Program 2017

The ‘A’ali’i Program is a project of Place-based Learning And Community Engagement in School (PLACES) and is a collaborative venture between Nanakuli High and Intermediate School, the University of Hawaii, Manoa’s Office of Student Equity, Excellence & Diversity (SEED), and Ka’ala Farm. The project is funded through the Department of Education, Native Hawaiian Education Program. Students in the ‘A’ali’i Program at Nanakuli High and Intermediate School visited Ka’ala Farm weekly since September 1, 2016 as part of the exploration of their year-long project topic, The Science and Politics of Water. This integrated, place-based project provided hands-on learning opportunities in a way that allowed students to positively impact their community.

Video By: Makaha Studios for PLACES

Kaala Farms Rebuilds After June 2012 Fire

Published on Sep 19, 2015

In June 2012 a fire started in Lualualei Valley. The fire jumped into the Waianae Valley where Kaala Farms is located. The fire destroys the Hawaiian cultural learning center where Hawaii’s keiki learn the importance of Aloha Aina, stewardship, & sustainability. This is a recap of that historical fire in 2012 & a communities resilience to rebuild the cultural learning center September 2015.

Video By: Pake Salmon

Ka’ala Farm with Family

Published on Jun 26, 2015

This video is about Ka’ala farms

Video By: Shanel Landford

Ka’ala Farm Restoration

Uploaded on Feb 8, 2011

Hawaiian Electric employees work side-by-side with the staff of Ka`ala Farm and community members to help restore native vegetation and lo`i in Waianae.

Video By: Hawaiian Electric Companies

Ka’ala Farm – Waianae, Hawaii

Published on Jul 9, 2013

Kymberly Pine visits Ka’ala farms in Waianae, Hawaii.

Kymberly Marcos Pine is a Honolulu City Councilmember representing District 1. Pine was elected to the State House of Representatives in 2004 to represent district 43 and served in the state house from 2004-2012. She was the first Republican to be elected to this seat since statehood. Pine then won a seat in the 2012 Honolulu City Council elections.

Video By: Kymberly Pine

Ka’ala Farm teaches lessons taught centuries ago

Uploaded on Jul 29, 2011

SPJ Winner – 1st Place for Enterprise/Feature Reporting

Whether you’re stuck in traffic on the H-1 Freeway, or waiting in line at the grocery store, it’s easy to get bogged down with life. But there’s a place on the leeward coast that gets down to the basics and teaches people how to live off the ‘aina.

Video By: Leland Kim

Uncle Butch – Ka’ala Cultural Learning Center

Uploaded on Dec 3, 2010

Uncle Butch Lays out the low down on the Ka’ala Cultural Learning Center and traditional taro farming.

Video By: DarkWorksFilms

Ke Ala O Ke Kumu-The Path To The Source; Waianae; Community; Culture; Hawaiian Studies

Published on Mar 14, 2013

My Creative Project for Hawaiian Studies 107, Spring Semester 2013. I shot all the footage myself, but I did rip some random pictures to fill out the last part of the presentation off of the websites listed below, and I used some songs off the “50 Greatest Hawai`i Albums of All Time” CD, with references listed below, also.

Video By: Mauna Burgess

PBS Hawaii – HIKI NŌ Episode 404 | Waianae High School | From the Ashes

Published on May 19, 2015

Premiere Airdate: October 11, 2012

Students from Waianae High School report on a thatched building at Kaala Farm’s Culture Center that was destroyed by a brushfire in Waianae.

Video By: PBSHawaiiorg

Ka‘ala Farm, Inc.

“To reclaim and preserve the living culture of the Po‘e Kahiko (people of old) in order to strengthen the kinship relationships between the ‘āina (land, that which nourishes) and all forms of life necessary to sustain the balance of life on these vulnerable islands”, is the mission of Ka‘ala Farm, Inc, located on the Wai‘anae Coast of O‘ahu. The strategies to achieve the mission are three interrelated strands: transmission of cultural knowledge from kūpuna to ‘ōpio; protection and restoration of the ahupua‘a with an emphasis on attendant rights and responsibilities; and integration of cultural knowledge, wisdom and practices into educational institutions that serve children.

Building on an existing collaboration with Wai‘anae High School’s Natural Resources Academy, Ka‘ala Farm will use Hope for Kids funding to enhance the educational and personal development experiences of Academy students.

Video By: Hauʻoli Mau Loa Foundation