Welina Mai!


In the Waiʻanae Valley, the practice of cultivating taro had been nearly wiped out by colonialism. Watch as ʻAnakala Eric Enos, our Executive Director at Kaʻala Farm narrates the moʻolelo of working to restore the land, water and ancient loʻi in Waiʻanae Valley on the Hawaiian island of Oʻahu with our kaiāulu/community.


The Book -

The World We Need presents the kaleidoscopic visions of more than 100 people creating a brighter future. Their movements and struggles seek to protect the air, water, wildlife, and land, but many don’t call themselves “environmentalists.” They are protecting the environment and safeguarding the health and livelihood of their communities as they reimagine and remake our world for the better. Find the book and more about the people within it at theworldweneed.com


Eric Enos -

Eric Enos is the Executive Director of Kaʻala Farm, Inc. Born on the Waiʻanae coast of Oʻahu, amongst the largest population of Native Hawaiians, Eric Enos comes from a family of builders, farmers, craft folk, caregivers and educators. His life’s work is to restore the land and water with his community.



Kaʻala Farm is...

An ancient agricultural complex, restored and producing kalo as our ancestors did for centuries.

A Cultural Learning Center where learning comes alive for thousands of school children in our hands-on science program every year.

A cultural kīpuka where Hawaiian traditions are practiced daily to make people and communities stronger.


Our Mission

The mission of Kaʻala Farm, Inc. is to reclaim and preserve the living culture of the Poʻe Kahiko (people of old) in order to strengthen the kinship relationships between the ʻāina (land, that which nourishes) and all forms of life necessary to sustain the balance of life on these venerable lands.


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