Connecting to the ʻĀina

Connecting to the ʻĀina:

In modern times we are surrounded by the synthetic, electronic, and artificial. We forget our sacred connection to the land and how we are a part of greater ecological system.

At Kaʻala we immerse you back in nature, reconnecting you to the ʻĀina. There is something both fun and sacred in stepping back into the fertile mud and working for community sustenance. Come and join us!

We Need Your Help!

We’re looking to expand the learning spaces at Kaʻala Farm. We’ve added our project blueprint below.

Any contribution that you can make to this effort will go a long way. Monetary donations provided by you and other individuals and organizations will pay for materials, equipment, transportation, technical assistance, and nourishment for the many volunteers involved in building a safe and spiritual place for generations to come.

Mahalo to all who have supported us and Aloha ʻĀina