Holiday greetings

From December 26, 2012

Greetings to family, friends, supporters, and funders. Hope you are well as we flow from summer, to winter, then toward spring to renew.

Kaala continues to rebuild with the help of all of you. As our nation and world is experiencing the worst in natural and man-made disasters, keeping hope and faith in a better future is the challenge facing many families each day. The greatest gift we can give to a family is the opportunity and skills to heal ourselves and to recreate a community that is safe, secure, and sustainable. Giving a man or woman the tools to create a nurturing place within the larger community, is our challenge and our mission.

Kaalas biggest challenge is working with systems, navigating with a precious cargo, around natural and man-made barriers. As we navigate, keeping our ship healthy and fit is a priority. To achieve this balance we want to mahalo our family and staff at Kaala. They are passionate and dedicated to sustain the work of Kaala. To our current and past Board of Directors, mahalo nui for helping to keep us afloat.

It has been over 35 years since Kaala began its existence. We have traveled far through hard times and good times but we have a sturdy vessel. We are steering Kaala back to home port to replenish, refit, and plan for the next 30 years. By keeping our core strong, we will thrive we have the resources of land, water, practitioners, and lots of families.

Join us as we are rebuilding in the new year ahead.

-Eric & the Kaala ohana

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